Master the ART of the START

Rev Up Your Energy!

As a new Business Owner, you’re in the driver’s seat, ready to hit the gas. You’re in position, excitement is all around, and you’re gearing up in eager preparation to realize your dreams. Before you get too far down that track, make sure you’re prepared. In every business, there is a BluePrint that was created to do just that. Think of it as the driver’s handbook; a way of helping you succeed, while rewarding you for your hard work. As you share your newfound passion, whether it be a product or an opportunity, with others, the purpose of the system is to help you grow personally.

I know the journey to entrepreneurship or starting a new venture can be a bit taxing, so what I’ve learned is that applying practical laws of growth will prepare you for success along the way. Just as a professional runner has exercises to do before a big race, there are proven activities to keep your momentum strong during these critical months. Implementing these activities into your daily routine can strengthen your marketing muscles and keep you moving in the right direction. Rev up your energy! Become familiar with your new business, it’s products, the market and it’s competitors – all of them. Immerse yourself in your business by taking the products, attending key events and locking arms with those who have documented success in your industry. If you don’t understand the products, your business won’t make sense to whom you’re sharing it with. Get PASSIONATE about what you’re trying to promote and the authenticity from your genuine excitement will attract the right customers and business partners. Get consistent and automated. Have your favorite products delivered on a monthly basis, automatically and set your appointments up as recurring events. You have to be a product of the product. Determine your WHY. Don’t underestimate the reason why you’re doing this in the first place. When you know the driving force behind what you’re doing, nothing will stop you. Stay LASER FOCUSED. Becoming a business owner and self-made entrepreneur is not easy, but it is SO worth it.

You have to choose your hard. Trust me, there are days when the entrepreneurial roller coast takes a downward spiral and I contemplate going back to a “steady paycheck”. Then I look in the mirror and laugh at that silly thought as I stand there in yoga pants, a reminder of the blessing this industry holds to travel the world at my discretion and choose the people I work with. Set goals and develop your business plan. What is your most important goal this year? Purchase your business tools, follow your leader and duplicate their success. YOU are your best investment. Work on personal development: read books, turn your car into a mobile university, and study everything about the industry. Find a mentor, stay connected with everyone in your network… friends, family, neighbors, EVERYONE.

I know as an athlete, a runner places his feet just so, and moves his arms in a way that gives him momentum. You too must develop habits that are going to propel you in the right direction. Losing your pace can lead to delays, or even failure. Adhere to the above activities and you’ll excel faster and smoother as the days progress. Most importantly, take care of yourself. Live what you preach by eating a healthy diet, getting adequate sleep and exercising at least thirty minutes every day. To achieve a lifestyle of Whole Health, it’s important to have a healthy body, a healthy mind and a healthy soul in order to achieve a healthy business. You are now equipped for success! Stand upright, clear your mind and GO. You’re on your way! I applaud you for taking the leap of faith to become an entrepreneur. Cheers to YOUR new venture!! I am rooting for you along the journey we affectionally refer to as the “entrepreneurial roller-coaster”.


Helping you Look, Feel and LIVE your Best

"Cultivating a Championship Mindset by Helping YOU Believe In All You Can Achieve." ~Crate Consulting LLC

As a lifestyle entrepreneur and coach to entrepreneurs, I constantly have my hands in exciting business projects and get to help individuals and business owners create, start, and grow business endeavors to achieve their goals. All of my endeavors support my vision of helping motivated individuals to find their potential both in their professional life and through personal development as a lifestyle.

In my role with LifeVantage, I work with and am seeking individual entrepreneurs to collaborate with specifically in the United Kingdom right now (England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland), Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Canada and individuals across the US connected to the health and fitness industry. I am helping to expand this US based, publicly traded company into these new markets. There is huge opportunity for someone to be in at the ground floor of this business launch around patent protected and cutting edge health and wellness products.

My ideal connection is someone who is motivated, coachable, cares about their health, looking to create a more abundant financial future, open to network marketing as a business model, and willing to put in 10-15 hours a week being mentored on a proven system to achieve their goals.

I focus on educating others on a new, category creating, preventative health technology that is gaining massive interest in both the medical and business world. As a regional leader with a publicly traded company, I raise awareness about what this technology can mean for people's health and also how this can translate into a business opportunity for the right individuals, businesses, and organizations.

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