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Finding friendship in fashion

Facebook has a funny way of bringing people we knew long ago, back into our lives to become our friends again, in new and different ways, and sometimes it just brings them back. I have been friends with one of my besties from childhood on Facebook since April of 2013 and our friendship log shows only two Happy Birthday posts. We were friends again, but not really. May 17th of this year she invited me to join her LuLaRoe shopping group and of course I said “Yes!” I had no idea what was about to follow, all I knew was that someone I had spent an enormous amount of my childhood with was starting a new adventure and I wanted to support her in it.

I poked my nose around her group page and realized that if I was going to buy clothing from her online, I wanted to try them on somewhere first. I did a little searching and found a LuLaRoe consultant near me, I picked out a pair of leggings from her online sale and asked if I could pick them up in person. When I picked up my leggings she let me try on a few other styles. I wasn’t particularly impressed with what I had tried on, but I felt I could at least buy something from my friend now that would fit and look ok. It was another week or two of waiting for my friend to get her initial inventory and have an online sale. In the meantime we were commenting and chatting back and forth more than we had in, well, since she moved away when we were little. All the years and the distance fell away and although we were still far from being besties again, the space between us has been eliminated. I chose a “Cassie” skirt to purchase at her initial sale, hoping that it might match a few tops I owned. It arrived a few days later and was definitely different from what I usually wear, as I had not put on a pencil skirt in ages. I decided to wear it to a local networking event and since it felt too dressy to wear to work, I planned to change into it at the event. My top wasn’t working with it the way I wanted it to, and I didn’t have any other options but my casual work clothes, so I threw my hesitations aside and ended up wearing my top with it in a way that was new and foreign to me, but definitely cute and trendy. So cute in fact that I suddenly felt beautiful and brave enough to show off my curves, as they are. Three years ago, I ate my way through a really challenging life event and I have been hiding behind my clothes ever since, until now. I don’t know exactly what happened when I put my Cassie skirt on that night, but it definitely turned around my relationship with myself that night.

Along with feeling good about myself and excited about whats in my closet again thanks to these clothes, I have also found an incredible network of women with generous open hearts, helping each other and supporting each other no matter the differences between them. I have found a company that knows how to lead and not boss. I have found a world of encouragement and a place where I can encourage others, all of the others. So many times in business I have run into limitations as to who I am supposed to be working with, supporting, or otherwise engaging with and here I have none of that. I have a team I am on and a direct network of support, and also the opportunity to collaborate with any other consultant I may want to join forces with. I can even give generously, my favorite thing to do. This company is invested in giving everywhere you look. They support and match fund raising for almost any cause, Consultants do product giveaways on their pages weekly and sometimes even daily, and everyone gives of their time to help each other. Time that is precious to them, as most consultants are also mothers and wives. Time is precious to all of us and LuLaRoe recognizes this and has built their company around this. Not only can I work from home, I can work from anywhere, any time of day, any amount of days, however it works for me. This is financial stability and personal freedom at its best.

Monica Gaul, a consultant I met recently that lives just down the street from me, has a similar story of an old friendship springing back to life when she discovered LuLaRoe. Friendship was the last thing on Monica’s mind when she began her adventure as a consultant. She was a busy mom of 3 teenage daughters and a full time kindergarten teacher with plenty of friends already. Monica’s husband had been laid off when his company relocated and getting a new job took much longer than they thought it would. He eventually accepted a position with lower pay and they realized that they would lose their home if their current income levels stayed the same. Monica heard about LuLaRoe right as she was looking for ways to supplement her families income and she became obsessed. I’m not sure it’s possible to wear a pair of their buttery soft leggings and not become obsessed. I’m wearing some of mine now as I type this article. Along with being obsessed about the clothes, Monica realized that this could become a family business and the daughters her and her husband were working so hard to support, could also pitch in and help. She wanted to teach their daughters, that if you don’t like the situation they are in, that it is up to you to change it. And change it they have, as Monica says, “My goal was financial stability, which we now have, but I got so much more: new friends, a teamwork approach to everything and so much fun! I’m so incredibly thankful to have two jobs that I truly LOVE!” For Monica, a cousin she had been close to as a child but had drifted apart from, was one of the first people to show interest in her new adventure. This interest soon blossomed into a revived and thriving relationship and Monica and her cousin are now as close as they were when they were young.

It’s amazing what can happen when a business operates from a place of love, gratitude and giving. It’s one thing to have a great product and another to have a great business model, but the culture of blessing others is what I find to be the key ingredient of the magic that is LuLaRoe. Magic that is starting to be noticed by everyone, everywhere. If you have never heard of LuLaRoe before, you may suddenly find yourself hearing about it everywhere as it is fast approaching Unicorn status, a $1 Billion company, and it is on track to reach that faster that Apple, Google, Facebook and eBay did. If you are looking to start up a company, create a movement, or simply find a better way to live for yourself, I encourage you to take a look at the ways that LuLaRoe is changing lives, including mine, through it’s blessing centered model.

Lasting lifelong friendships, are simply a byproduct here.

For more information you can find me here:https://www.facebook.com/groups/Lularoesharonlynn

and Monica here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lularoemonicagaul


Writer, photographer, past life focused hypnotherapist, speaker, LuLaRoe addict, and creator of pretty things.  I'm am excited to be here to experience friendtier's journey and share with you the varied ways that friendship shows up in my life.

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