Natalie Alexia

Natalie is a protégée of Jack Canfield ‘America’s No.1 Success Coach‘. She is a renowned Speaker, Trainer.  And newly accepted member of the prestigious Association of Transformational Leaders (ATL). Natalie has spoken and trained thousands of people in the USA and around the world.

Collaboration with United Nations: Natalie worked closely with the UN in 2015 to collaborate on their ‘Growing Compassion to Create More Peace’ movement. Natalie’s ‘Love is the True Black’ project launched on ‘UN International Day of Peace’ in September 2015. This transformational photographic project generated tens of thousands of social media impressions.

Natalie has spoken and trained at many amazingly cool events including: The Transformational Leadership Council - Maui, AFest - Costa Rica, Association of Transformational Leaders - Westlake CA & Jack Canfield's Breakthrough to Success - Las Vegas . Her Love is the True Black project saw her creating collaborations with Jack Canfield, Mind Valley & Mike Dooley. Natalie has been featured extensively in the UK press as an expert Life Coach in Red & Stella Magazines and The Telegraph. 

Her quirky & innovative work as a trainer has taken her across the globe to facilitate leadership events, personal development seminars and corporate retreats. Natalie creates safe space for people to take ownership of what they value. She delivers a totally unique and memorable experience that gives people the chance to learn about their intrinsic motivators and uncover a much deeper level of self-awareness. Natalie uses a cocktail of methodologies, curiosity, intellect, philosophy, art and intuition to help people discover and live by  their own truth and message.

Natalie is a Brit, still loves a cup of tea but grew up in 6 countries on 3 continents and went to 11 schools. She speaks 3 languages, has run 3 businesses and has 3 children. Natalie's unique experiences as a global citizen and personal growth/spirit junkie from the age of 15 culminated in her creating these powerful perspective shifting trainings.

From public speaking, to training and coaching Natalie has worked with some diverse groups from Thought Leaders, Entrepreneurs, CEO Groups, Olympic Athletes's she has even the toughest crowd (lawyers, they're a critical thinking bunch) captivated. She engages and inspires with her knowledge, humor and warmth.

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