Lane Michel

Our heart has an adventure that is distinctly different than the daily life we work so hard to manage. Lane Michel helps people remember and live their heart adventure, their reason to succeed. Teams and organizations go through the same search for “success”. As a coach and consultant, he has helped many people and companies reach deep into their truth to make positive sustained changes. Lane is the founder of VeraHeart, living his heart adventure as an engineer, executive, entrepreneur, inspirational guide, writer and HeartMath® Certified Trainer.

Imperfect Loving Friendships

Love is a pervasive energy that is far more powerful than fear, hate, pain or anger.  We all can access the energy of love instantly. It cannot be withheld or controlled. What we recognize as “love” grows as we learn to give it more freely and receive it more gratefully.  Love is what keeps our heart beating and our soul thriving. This powerful energy is so pervasive that we never need to take love from anyone else. Love is energy....

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