Ashok Thakur

Ashok Thakur, is an Indian-born entrepreneur who runs a cyber security consulting company in New York. Being very comfortable financially, life changed dramatically in one evening from having everything to nothing when he was forced to leave his house with nothing. Since that time, he questioned the higher purpose and lessons to be learned from this experience. He challenged all norms and rules that are keeping us away from Joy and Love.

During his search for answers, he met beautiful and amazing souls that inspired his book "Infinite Love Finite Life". He has been invited to speak in seminars and workshops about Love. 

His mission is to spread the Joy and Love he have now to everyone that cross his path and to reach out and help.

Friendship, Love and Sex

“The first natural and lasting human connection is Love and Friendship. Sex comes last.” -Ashok Thakur I have been asked many times how I make, and keep, amazing, conscious, and beautiful friends despite our disparate ages, cultural backgrounds and life styles. The answer is simple. I am not judgmental. I am trustworthy. People feel very comfortable confiding in me. I always think about what I can contribute to the friendship...

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