Meet Lynda, Founder
of Friendtier.

We provide you with research, content, and networking tools that inspire collaborative projects, while helping you build healthy friendships.

Born in Saigon Vietnam, Lynda fled to the United States, as a boat refugee, when she was 18 months old. Raised in Northern CA, she is a well known Confidence Coach and Corporate Trainer in the Silicon Valley. A true believer in the power of friendship: "Some of my greatest lessons of love came from the shared successes and heartbreaks of my friendships". Lynda founded Friendtier in 2016, after conversations with friends about the challenges of finding creative, collaborative, and cool friends with shared visions. It is Lynda’s mission to create connecting spaces, in our hearts, and in the world (wide web), like Friendtier, that will further and encourage uplifting connections and socially impactful enterprises.

Walking the talk of connecting and creating together, Lynda is supported by a diverse team of experienced business, finance, and technology advisors in the Silicon Valley (who are also some of her very best friends).

"We are dreamers doing!"